As was announced at the February 11, 2015, general membership meeting, TWL President Jessica Leigh tendered her resignation effective one week earlier, on February 4, 2015.  Jessica has some exciting upcoming transitions, and we all join in wishing her the very best.

            In this situation, Article V, Section V of TWL’s bylaws affords the President-Elect the option to assume the Presidency to “serve [the] regular term for the remaining year.”  Pursuant to this provision, Catherine Chapman, TWL’s President-Elect, has assumed the Presidency for the remainder of the term for this year.

            Unfortunately, in light of the above, TWL missed some of the timing provisions for elections, which can be found in Article V of the bylaws and are quoted below for ease of reference:

Section 1.  January Meeting.

            At the January meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of no fewer than three (3) people.  No person serving on the Nominating Committee may seek election as an Officer or Director, or appear on the Nominating Committee’s slate of proposed Officer or Director candidates.  The Nominating Committee shall include at least one past president of the corporation, and shall include the current President Elect.

Section 2.  March Meeting.

            At the March meeting, having met at least once as a committee, the Nominating Committee shall present a slate of proposed candidates for the elected Officer positions of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer, and all Director positions, including Director of Programs, Director of CLE Seminars, Director of Judicial Reception, Director of Development, Director of Mentoring, Newsletter Director, and the Florida Association for Women Lawyers Representative.  No person shall be nominated for or elected to the office of President as this position shall automatically be filled by the President-Elect.

            The proposed Officers and Directors shall be announced by email.

Section 3.  Open Nominations.

            Any time between the March General Membership Meeting and the April General Membership Meeting, any nominations from the membership for proposed Officers or Directors will be taken, other than for the office of President.  Nominations may be made during this time period directly to the President or to any member of the Nominating Committee.

Section 4.  April Meeting.

            At the April meeting, the membership shall elect its Officers and Directors, who shall assume office on July 1.

            TWL apologizes for missing the January date.  Under the circumstances, the Board of Directors voted to extend the elections deadlines by one month to allow the notice and opportunity for elections to occur as consistently as possible with the Bylaws.  Thus, in accord with the procedures authorized for this year, notice of the following is provided to the General Membership:

  1. In addition to herself, President and President-Elect Catherine Chapman has proposed the following members to serve on the Nominating Committee:  Linda Bond Edward, Twyla Sketchley, Holly Dincman, Iris Elijah, and Carol Grondzik.
  1. The Nominating Committee will meet once before the March 10 meeting, but it will not be able to fulfill its obligation to present the slate Officers and Directors at that time due to the timing irregularities in their appointment.
  1. Instead, the Nominating Committee will announce its slate of Officers and Directors at the April 8, 2015, meeting.
  1. Between April 8 and the May 13, 2015, General Membership Meeting, the floor will be open for nominations for proposed Officers and Directors (other than the office of President).  Nominations from the floor may be made to President Catherine Chapman or any of the members of the Nominating Committee (Catherine Chapman, Linda Bond Edward, Twyla Sketchley, Holly Dincman, Iris Elijah, and Carol Grondzik).
  1. Nominations will be closed at the May 13 General Membership Meeting and the election will occur at that time.

            Thank you for your understanding.  Should you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact Catherine Chapman, TWL’s President at 850-224-7091 or

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